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Ward Class is an online resource for student nurses. Created with the aim of helping student nurses cope with the demands of nursing school and clinicals, it offers free downloads, notes, sample NCPs, sample drug studies, study aids, news and updates, and practical tips to its users.

Site Announcement

The December 2012 PRC Nursing Board Exam Result is already available here at Ward Class and at Pinoy R.N.

The Pros and Cons of America's Hottest Diets

Today's hottest diets is mainly divided into two groups: low-carb diets and low-fat diets.  And over the years, the low-carb approach has gained popularity over the low-fat approach.

But the question is, is a low-carb diet, without consideration of the amount of animal fat intake, the best approach to achieving healthy weight loss goals?  We must remember that a low-carb diet isn't always good for everyone.  Healthy eating is all about consuming sensible amounts of complex carbs, proteins,  fiber.

To help you understand about the good and the bad of America's hottest diets, check out the infographic we have included in this post.

16,908 Examinees Pass December 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination

The Professional Regulation Commission - Board of Nursing (PRC-BoN) announced today that a total of 16,908 examinees out of 49,066 passed the Nurse Licensure Examination held in December.

Topping the exam is Colegio de Sta. Lourdes of Leyte graduate Glicyl Arante Alvero with an examination rating of 85.80%

Meanwhile, Saint Paul University - Tuguegarao bested all other nursing schools with 50 or more examinees by having a 99.28% passing rate. See results below for more on the December 2012 Nursing Board Exam.

Practice What You Preach in the Sanctuary of Health Care

If you haven’t encountered it already, the day will come when you will be advising patients to get tested for STDs. But are you safe? There are many STDs that don’t have any noticeable symptoms, or they may have minor symptoms that are often confused as being brought on my something else like a urinary tract infection. Get tested for STDs in California and have some peace of mind so you may go about your day and help other’s with their health care needs.

Total Confidentiality

Although you study and work in the health profession and you have the resources at hand to get tested, most health care workers tend to have intimate testing conducted from an outside source, as they don’t want to give the impression to lab technicians who know them, that they may or may not be burdened with such an affliction. Ordering a test online and going to a lab located outside the sphere of your workplace, will offer total and complete confidentiality. By avoiding labs run by technicians, nurses and doctors who know you, or who may become your future colleagues, you are practicing total discretion.

Considering a Career in Nursing

If you’re considering a career in nursing, you’re considering a rewarding, well-paying career that you’ll enjoy every single day. While a career in nursing isn’t for everyone, the select few who decide on this career end up becoming very passionate about their jobs. In addition to the high pay and rewarding aspects of a nursing career, the United States is currently facing a nursing shortage, meaning the demand for nurses is at an all time high. Choose a career in nursing, and you’ll be almost guaranteed to have employment once you finish school. But before you buy new dorm bedding and run off to college just yet, you need to decide what kind of career in nursing it is that you want. Check out this list of different careers in nursing and see if there’s one that is appealing to you.

Get Better at Better Hospitals

At some point in your life, you may have to visit or stay in a hospital room. This may never be something you're looking forward to, but with recent and upcoming developments, things are getting better. A hospital is a vast space to manage, and over the years some institutes have let certain things fall by the wayside. Not anymore. In an effort to keep patients safe, healthy and comfortable, many hospitals are revamping and reevaluating their infrastructure. The hospital room is a place of health and healing, and to maintain this status, certain things have to be kept up to par at all times. From the simple things, like providing a patient with a microfiber Twin XL comforter, to complicated things like a caregiver screen, that shows a digital documentation of the patient's situation; hospitals are bucking up. 

For those who work in the hospital industry, the changes being made offer them the opportunity to be better care providers. This isn't exclusive to doctors, as some may think. The technologies and supplies coming to market now will help facilitate the jobs of nurses, orderlies, students and administrators, equally. The point is that we want patients to get better sooner, and to be comfortable when they have to stay in the hospital. The only way this can happen is if the facilities are modern, and focused on making the jobs of the staff go smoothly. Here are a couple of the most recent developments in hospital technology that are being utilized in institutions around the country and world, today: 

Technology for easier medicine administration. 

Especially when children and the elderly are involved, administering medication is often a long and error-prone process. Dependant on if the medicine is ordered in milligrams, if it has to be diluted, and if the patient's weight and age have to be taken into account, things can get mixed up when this process is done manually. Through technology like the Artemis System, the software can sync with the barcode of any medication and deliver the most accurate conversion for medicinal administration. 

Tips for New Nurses

One of the most exciting fields that is constantly in need of new members is the field of nursing. Just as important as doctors are to the field of medicine, nurses are part of the lifeblood of the field. It is difficult to summarize in totality the full extent of notable contributions that nurses make to the medical field, but without them, the entire health care delivery system in both private and public medical facilities would not go smoothly.

Nurses often act as liaisons between doctors and patients and while they must possess the proper formal technical training they must also have a love for the provision of care at an emotional level. For new nurses, there is a certain amount enthusiasm and anticipation that comes with finally turning your credentials into experience. Because there will be lives literally in your hands you have to make sure that you're ready to take your nursing career to the highest level while still being in touch with the human needs of the most debilitated of your patients.