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Cardiovascular Disorders: Buerger's Disease

  • also called thromboangiitis obliterans, an acute inflammatory disorder affecting medium/smaller arteries and veins of the arms and legs
  • results in occlusion of a blood vessel with subsequent collateral circulation
  • the classic patient with Buerger's disease is a male patient between ages 20 and 40 who smokes heavily
  • also found in women and people over the age of 50
  • common in Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East
  • caused by cigarette smoking and tobacco use
Assessment Findings
  • intermittent claudication (leg pain during activity such as walking)
  • sensitivity to cold (skin becomes white->blue->red)
  • decreased or absent peripheral pulses (posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis)
  • swelling of feet and hands
  • open sores and gangrene (advanced)
  • elevated serum sodium
  • diagnostic tests:
    • oscillometry may reveal decrease in pulse volume
    • Doppler ultrasound reveals blood flow through affected vessels
    • angiography reveals location and extent of obstructive process
Medical Management
  1. cessation of smoking
  2. calcium-channel blockers and thrombolytics to improve circulation
  3. oral antibiotics-->for ulcers
  4. pain medications
Surgical Management
  • surgical sympathectomy (nerves in affected area are severed to control pain)
  • amputation of affected extremity if infection or gangrene occurs
Nursing Management
  • for clients who will undergo surgery
    1. prepare client for surgery
    2. provide client teaching and discharge planning concerning:
      • drug regimen (vasodilators, anticoagulants, analgesics) including dosage, frequency, and side effects
      • need to avoid trauma to affected extremity
      • need to maintain warmth, especially in cold weather
      • importance of cessation of smoking

Death from Buerger's disease is rare but for patients who continue smoking, 1 or more amputations are required in a span of 7 years.


The best way to prevent Buerger's disease is to cease smoking or tobacco use.


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