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DOH: National TB Control Program

According to the World Health Organization in their Global Tuberculosis Control Report for 2008, Tuberculosis is still a major cause of illness and death worldwide. A total of 9.2 million new cases were recorded in 2006 alone as population growth has boosted both prevalence and death rates.

Globally, the Philippines ranks fourth as to the number of recorded TB cases and in Southeast Asia, has the highest number of TB cases per capita. Approximately 5 million cases are reported each year and an estimated 2/3 of the Philippine population is infected with the disease.

In line with the WHO's goal to halt and reverse the incidence of TB by 2015, the Department of Health formulated the National TB Control Program . This program utilizes the Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS) which was initiated by the WHO in 1996.

Under the National TB Control Program, the Department of Health, in collaboration with LGUs, PhilCAT, and Philhealth, organized the TB Network which is dedicated to help TB patients. The goal of the TB Network is to increase yearly case detection and cure rates in accordance with the benchmarks set by the National TB Control Program.

To learn more about the National TB Control Program, DOTS, and TB Network, click on the download link below.

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DOH: National TB Control Program


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