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On Student-related Errors During Clinical Rotations

During clinical rotations, student nurses provide direct patient care and are instrumental in enriching patient's experiences during hospitalization. However, there are instances when student nurses find themselves committing errors, most of them medication-related. In her book Professional Nursing in the Philippines, Lydia M. Venzon discussed measures on how to avoid or minimize student-related errors. Below is an excerpt of what Venzon wrote in her book:

Under the Philippine Nursing act of 2002 R.A. 9173, nursing students do not perform professional nursing duties. They are to be supervised by their Clinical Instructors. In order that the errors committed by nursing students will be avoided and/or minimized, the following measures should be taken:

  1. Nursing students should always be under the supervision of their Clinical Instructors.
  2. They should be given assignments that are at their level of training, experience, and competency.
  3. They should be advised to seek guidance especially if they are performing a procedure for the first time.
  4. They should be oriented to the policies of the nursing unit where they are assigned.
  5. Their performance should be assessed frequently to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Frequent conferences with the students will reveal their problems which they may want to bring to the attention of their instructors or vice versa. Discussions of these problems will iron out doubts and possible solutions may be provided.
This blogger was once a nursing student and went through a very unsettling FIRST day of clinicals. Imagine being assigned to a patient diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis who vomits blood due to esophageal varices and whose IV fluids you have to attend to even if you are entirely clueless on regulating intravenous flow rates. Worse, you can't find your clinical instructor and the staff nurse you're assigned to is the most 'student-unfriendly' in that institution.

On a more positive note, that fateful day passed without a major slip-up from this blogger's end. And so, if ever you figure in a similar situation during clinicals, always seek for guidance from your instructor or the staff nurses in the unit. If they get a little cranky, just take a deep breath and think of happy childhood memories. If they are inattentive, be persistent. Never mind if you get chewed out for doing so. Because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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