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Nursing Informatics and the June 2008 Nursing Board Exams

Flashback June 1, 2008.

This blogger was lazing around and leisurely chatting with the regulars of the Pinoy R.N. virtual community (online chatroom) when an irate visitor asked the question, "What is Nursing Informatics and why did they ask us that in the June 2008 Nurse Licensure Examination?"

Having read the new BSN Curriculum which is currently infamous with most nursing schools and colleges in the Philippines, this blogger answered, "Nursing Informatics is the application of Information Technology to nursing. The New BSN Curriculum is big on this subject as they want nursing education in the Philippines to be more globally competitive. Maybe this is the reason why they included questions on Nursing Informatics in the nursing board exams." A couple of exchanges ensued on the topic at hand and the visitor left the chatroom.

End of Flashback.

What exactly is Nursing Informatics? Nursing Informatics, according to the 1999 National Nursing Informatics Project discussion paper, is the application of computer science and information science to nursing. Nursing Informatics (NI) promotes the generation, management, and processing of relevant data in order to use information and develop knowledge that supports nursing in all practice domains.

Simply put, since information is integral to nursing practice, Nursing Informatics is the application of the current advances in information technology to nursing practice. Examples of the applications of Nursing Informatics include the use of electronic health records and electronic charting, online distance learning and teaching, the use of Pocket PCs, PDAs, and other wireless devices in accessing and recording data, and the use of various softwares in nursing administration and research, to name a few.

In desiring to be really globally competitive, the Filipino Nurse should keep abreast with the current trends in nursing and information technology to be able to deliver quality and timely patient care. Thus, competencies in Nursing Informatics should be integrated into nursing education and nursing practice in the Philippines.

Looking back, this blogger has come to the conclusion that the irate visitor who asked that question wasn't really pissed off because the recently-concluded nurse licensure examination included items on Nursing Informatics or because he or she thought that the application of information technology to nursing practice is irrelevant. Rather, that person must have been flabbergasted to find out that after four years of nursing school and having spent months and thousands of pesos reviewing for the June 2008 NLE, he or she still couldn't answer questions on Nursing Informatics correctly.

So, for those who will be taking the November 2008 Nursing Board Exams, think like Forrest Gump (or was it Kim Sam Soon?) and think of the NLE as a box of chocolates. You'll never know what questions you'll be asked until you actually sit for the exams.

Unless, of course, another stupid bigwig sells handwritten cheat sheets to equally stupid takers in the fashion of the June 2006 Nurse Licensure Examination controversy (Hope not!).


  1. chicosci said...

    How is Nursing Informatics intervened in the Philippines?

    Is Nursing Informatics well acknowledged in Philippines?

    I am a nurse by Profession. I love to play gadgets-technology. Inquiring a few knowledge in regards to fundamental applications of computer, I thought I was globally competitive and be boastful I know it all. On the other hand, further studies for nursing informatics ticks my mind I knew a pinpoint knowledge of the matter.

    Nursing Informatics Course should be changed into one of the major subject if it may.

    Looking back as a student, the informatics was labeled as good to know furthermore in relation to exposure to clinical area percentage of the latter isn't that bold.

    As a random interview to the nurses in different facilities, ask them "What is Nursing Informatics?" Mostly the response is superficial applying technology in nursing.

    It is justifiable to accept a new change stating Nursing Informatics does exists and be highlighted in schools moreover create synthesis of caring human being intertwined with technology procures optimum level of wellness.

    Worldwide, most of the organizations abreast to the trend of being more productive and technology collaborates the gap. To cite for an instance, nurses encodes vital signs of the patient in a single window once saved more health professionals able to access patient data simultaneously.

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