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An Open Letter to a Very Difficult Clinical Instructor

Dear Ma'am,

Let me start by this online letter by saying, "Good Day!", because by the time you finish reading my honest account of the kind of teacher you really are, your face will be a distorted figure of what it once was.

I never thought I would resort to this but you drove me nuts each time you showed up in class. You hurt my feelings and the feelings of the entire class with your insensitive choice of words. I remember the first time you entered the classroom (that was during my NCM 100 class), you introduced yourself as Ms. XXX, and ranted about your achievements as a student and a nursing professional. The whole class cheered and applauded you until you looked at us sternly and asked, "Are you having a good time? If you are, then nursing school is not for you. Kasi sa nursing school, pahirapan. Walang puwang sa nursing school ang mahilig sa good time!"

Ma'am, I beg to disagree. Nursing school is not a slaughterhouse. In fact, with you as a clinical instructor, nursing school has to be a no-brainer. Do you remember that day when you came to class and we reminded you on the quiz scheduled for that day and you threw a fit saying, " Ang yayabang n'yo. Saka na kayo magyabang kung nurses na kayo..." What the? It is not your students' fault that you forgot to prepare the questions for the quiz. Basing on what you said, are we right to assume that your being "mayabang" is justified by your license to practice nursing issued by the PRC?

I thought that one semester is all I had to endure and I didn't have to suffer anymore but due to a shortage in 'quality' clinical instructors (in your own words), the clinical coordinator tasked you to give us the baptism of fire during our first day of clinical exposure. I know you saw chagrin register in our faces so you had the time of your life that day. You maligned us the entire shift, commenting on how incompetent and lazy nursing students are nowadays. You yakked to the nursing staff about your offers here and abroad but since being a nursing educator in your beloved hometown is your true calling, you have to follow your heart's desire. Yakkety-yak.

I'm sorry, Ms. XXX. The whole school knows that you're a fake. You are not the model instructor you claim to be. We know that you can't even make your own lecture notes. You always borrowed Mr. XO's notes, didn't you? What self-respecting nursing educator would even do that? Geez, you can't even give a decent lecture on any nursing topic. You just give out loads and loads of requirements without even bothering to give lectures beforehand. If told that your students can't comply with the requirements as the topic hasn't been discussed yet, you always say this: " Be resourceful. I don't spoon-feed my students."

Worse, you played favorites. You gave a very high mark to that good-for-nothing jock of a classmate of mine. Why? Because you were textmates. I wonder what a movie date or an afternoon spent at McDonald's or KFC would've gotten him.

But gladly for me, I graduated from that nursing school, out of your clutches. I no longer have to suffer from the countless IRs you issued in a frenzy. I no longer have to sit through lectures which my classmates branded as "walang katuturan". It is a good thing that I took the Nursing Board Exam last June and I am confident that I did really well. And as for you Ms. XXX, well, I believe in karma. A very good friend from the nursing faculty said that your employment agency gave up on you as you flunked the NCLEX-RN exam for the third time. Good for you.

Ma'am, please do not think that I did this because you were strict. I did this because you have no idea what mentoring is all about. If you are reading this now, then you read that text message I sent, leading you to this blog in the hopes of making you realize how unfit you are for your chosen profession.

And oh, before I forget, you might as well thank me for not writing down your real name here. I was tempted to do that but goodness prevailed. Until here, Ma'am. And I hope we do not meet again.


Your Favorite Student Nurse

Note: Ward Class is very much willing to listen to the side of Ms. XXX. If you are or you think you know Ms. XXX, write to us at hodgepodgemail(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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