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An Overview of Pychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric or mental health nursing is defined as a specialty of nursing that focuses on the identification of mental health isuues, prevention of mental health problems, and the care of people with psychiatric disorders or mental distress. Nurses who specialize in this area are given special trainings enabling them to utilize different therapeutic models, build therapeutic relationships, effectively deal with challenging clients, and administer psychiatric medication.

Psychiatric or mental health nursing utilizes different models in patient care. The more popular models used in patient care are the Medical-Biological Model, Behavioral Model, Community Mental Health Model, Freud's Psychoanalytic Model, Erikson's Psychosocial Model, Maslow's Human Motivation/Need Model, Sullivan's Interpersonal Model, and Hildegard Peplau's Nurse-Client Relationship Model.

While a client with mental disorder or distress may receive a variety of therapeutic interventions, the emphasis of psychiatric or mental health nursing is on the development of a therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the client. Meaning, in addition to psychocial interventions and the administration of psychotropic medications and other forms of therapy, the nurse and the client has to work together in a positive and collaborative manner so that the client may achieve the goals of therapy.

As with any field of nursing, psychiatric or mental health nursing necessitates the development and utilization of nursing care plans, provision of direct nursing care, administration of medications and treatment strategies as ordered, and educating the client and family members regarding the patient's disorder and needs. It also involves crisis intervention, counseling, and case management.

Psychiatric or mental health nurses work with patients in a variety of settings. They may work in psychiatric hospitals, private mental health institutions, community mental health programmes, and private clinics. With advanced education, they may teach, conduct research, and serve as nursing administrators. They may also receive additional trainings in child-adolescent mental health nursing, geriatric-psychiatric nursing, forensics, or substance-abuse.

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