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The December 2012 PRC Nursing Board Exam Result is already available here at Ward Class and at Pinoy R.N.

FYI: Revised PRC OR/DR Forms

Through Memorandum No. 3, series of 2008, the PRC Board of Nursing released the Amended Guidelines in Processing Applications to the Nurse Licensure Examinations. The new guidelines shall be used starting this November 2008 Nurse Licensure Examinations.

Having read the nine-page memorandum, the following salient points were noted:
  • the Amended Guidelines shall be made effective for nursing graduates of October 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  • the revised OR/DR forms shall only be applied to the incoming Nursing students in Levels I and II only of Academic Year 2008-2009 onwards until their graduation and until new issuances are released by the Board of Nursing.
  • the revised OR/DR forms shall bear the nursing school's logo
  • a CHED recognition certificate will be required for all NEW schools and programs including State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs)--> so make sure your nursing school/ college of nursing is recognized by CHED!
  • the summary of RLE exhibits should indicate that you completed 2,142 RLE hours as certified by your College Dean
  • for major operations, students can have a maximum of 2 similar cases and 2 students may assist a complicated major surgery--> the keyword is complicated
  • for minor operations, students can have a maximum of 2 similar cases and only 1 student can assist a minor surgery and a major surgery cannot be used as a substitute for a minor O.R. procedure
  • major and minor scrubs classification shall follow Philhealth Classification such that procedures with 31 RVUs and above are considered major cases--> logically, procedures with RVUs of 30 and below are considered minor ones. In cases of discrepancies between the Philhealth and Hospital Classification, the hospital classification shall prevail (note: remember that your O.R. Exhibit Forms will be concurred by the hospital's Chief Nurse so there is no point in arguing with her and giving her a copy of the Philhealth Classification of Procedures if the hospital classifies your major scrub as a minor scrub.Tee-hee!)
  • diagnostic procedures are not to be included in determining major or minor scrubs
  • deliveries in the community are to be supervised by a clinical instructor with a Master’s Degree in Nursing or Allied Medical or Health-Related Sciences
  • The Delivery Room and Initial Cord Care requirements of Registered Midwives who are nursing graduates applying for the Nurse Licensure Examination are waived provided they submit a photocopy of their updated PRC Identification Card--> for nursing graduates who have completed midwifery courses but have not practiced and/or are “under board” beyond five (5) years from date of midwifery graduation, a supervised case of one (1) actually handled delivery and cord care shall be required for the Nurse Licensure Examination properly documented and reported through the required Delivery and/or Initial Cord Care Forms (what luck!)
  • nursing faculty - including supervising clinical instructors- should at least have 1 year of clinical practice in a specialized field and be a holder of a master's degree in nursing, education, or other allied medical health sciences connferred by an institution duly-recognized by the government
  • Entries made in the Summary of Related Learning Experiences, Operating Room / Delivery Room / Initial Cord Care Record of Cases shall be the sole responsibility and accountability of the dean of the college of nursing-> absolutely no designates are allowed so it is prudent that you check if your college dean meets PRC BON or CHED's requirements (e.g. clinical practice, education, memberships to PNA and ADCPN)
In retrospect, things would have been easier for me if I got hold of a copy of PRC's guidelines on processing applications to the Nurse Licensure Examinations when I was completing my documents a couple of years ago. I remember the hours of wait outside my school's nursing faculty lounge each time I had something to ask my Level IV Coordinator regarding the data needed in my exhibit forms. Not to mention the sheets of paper wasted in reprinting all the exhibit forms because of data entry errors due to lack information on how to properly accomplish the said forms.

Still, that very "excruciating" experience is all behind me now so in the hopes of making the whole NLE application process a tad easier for nursing graduates, check out this entry's batch of very useful downloads. Make sure to read the last page of the file bearing the revised PRC OR/DR forms.

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