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Ward Class is an online resource for student nurses. Created with the aim of helping student nurses cope with the demands of nursing school and clinicals, it offers free downloads, notes, sample NCPs, sample drug studies, study aids, news and updates, and practical tips to its users.

Site Announcement

The December 2012 PRC Nursing Board Exam Result is already available here at Ward Class and at Pinoy R.N.

New Downloads for Nursing Students

Here's another batch of useful downloads, dear nursing students. I'm not so sure if this 3-part Basic Care compilation is in time for your RD (return demonstration) on Basic Care/Hygiene but I'm certain this will be very useful for those who have started or about to start their clinicals sometime soon.

Since nursing students do not have the luxury to choose their placement schedules during clinicals (or am I mistaken?), you might as well be prepared to provide your patients with mouth care and a complete bed bath as part of early morning care. Your really conscientious clinical instructors or preceptors from the hospital's nursing staff may expect you to do just that before they will allow you to leave the floor if and when you'll be assigned to the 11pm-7am shift.

Aside from the procedure checklist, do give more attention to the special considerations especially on Foot Care. For student nurses who will be lucky enough to provide nursing care to patients with a diabetic foot, this entry's cram sheet on Foot Care will prepare you for the challenges ahead. Still, for nursing students who are frequently assigned MGH patients (may go home, what else?hehe), the dos and donts in foot care in relation to conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus and circulatory disorders are, in themselves, very valuable clinical pearls.

To get a copy of this batch of nursing downloads, just click on the links provided below. All of Ward Class' nursing downloads are in PDF format so you will be needing Adobe Reader to open the files. Click here to download and install a copy of Adobe Reader (If you don't have it, that is).

Basic Care: Mouth Care
Basic Care: Foot Care


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