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Sample NCP for Angina Pectoris

It has been quite sometime since I made a sample NCP for Ward Class' readers. And so to make up for it, I did this NCP for Angina Pectoris -- the medical term for chest pain resulting from inadequate blood supply to the mycocardium. Angina Pectoris is also a manifestation of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

Considering that there is an increase in the number of CAD cases in the Philippines, nursing students on clinicals will most likely encounter patients who are brought to the ER due to severe chest pain. Hence, this sample NCP for Angina Pectoris will be useful as caring for patients with cardiovascular disorders can be quite demanding.

Before making an NCP for Angina Pectoris, nursing students must remember that nursing management for clients with Angina Pectoris involves relieving acute attack and preventing further attacks through self-care. Therefore, client education on how to control the risk factors for angina pectoris should be incorporated into the nursing care plan.

As a bonus for our avid readers, I have included related drug study downloads to supplement today's blog entry. To download the sample NCP for Angina Pectoris and the related drug studies, just click on the links provided below.

NCP Download:
Sample NCP for Angina Pectoris

Drug Study Downloads:


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