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Test-Taking Tips for the November 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam

It's less than 10 days into the November 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam as of this writing and if you are going to take the nursing board exam this month, I know you are probably wrapping up your review by now. I'd like to remind you, however, that preparedness for the November 2008 Nursing Board Examination doesn't only mean studying hard for it. You also need to learn effective test-taking strategies for multiple-choice tests like the Nursing Board Exam.

The moment you sit for the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam, you need to free yourself of all the anxieties and worries so that you can focus on the exam itself. When reading questions, read each question carefully and determine what is being asked. After reading a particular question, try to supply your own answer mentally before looking at the choices. When questions seem to be complex, underline key words and phrases that you have encountered in your review. This will serve as your guide as you determine which option best answers each question.

When looking for the best possible answer to a question, make sure to read all the choices before deciding on an answer. Put an X mark (on the test booklet) on choices that are OBVIOUSLY wrong to narrow down your choices to, if you can, only two possible answers. Since the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam is a timed exam and you have to budget your time, you may also want to answer the easier questions first. You must, however, be extra careful when marking the numbers you skipped and make sure to answer them before the exam ends.

While we all know that you really studied hard for the November 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam, there is a strong possibility that you will be encountering questions that are very difficult, unfamiliar, and generally out-of-this-world. So when everything else fails, meaning, you have tried to recall what transpired in your review and tried to use the power of elimination and yet the answer to a particular question eludes you, then it is time for EDUCATED GUESSING.

Educated guessing can increase your chances of getting the right answer but it does not guarantee a correct answer. You are reminded, therefore, that the strategies provided below ONLY serve as guidelines and are NOT absolute and should NOT replace a solid background in the nursing topics included in the scope of the November 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam.
  • When two choices are similar, probably neither is the correct answer.
  • When two choices are opposite, one of them is probably the correct answer.
  • An option with none, never, all, only, and every is probably not the correct answer.
  • When other options are unfamiliar and only one is familiar to you, the familiar option is probably the correct answer.
  • When all other options are short, the longest option is probably the correct answer.
  • When you have to guess, the option with words most similar with the keywords you have underlined in the question is probably the correct answer.
  • When you have to guess, the option which is most general and the most logical to you is probably the correct answer.
  • When you have to guess and have decided on an answer, only change your answer if you are ABSOLUTELY sure of your new answer.
Before submitting your test booklet and answer sheet to your proctor, carefully check if you have answered all the questions in a particular test. Make sure that the numbering in your test booklet corresponds to that of your answer sheet and you have marked only one answer per question.

While success in the November 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam is largely determined by how well you have reviewed for it, being test-wise will improve your chances at answering even the most difficult and unfamiliar questions. To read more about test-taking tips and strategies, for the Nursing Board Exam this November, read Pinoy R.N.'s recently published article.

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