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The December 2012 PRC Nursing Board Exam Result is already available here at Ward Class and at Pinoy R.N.

PRC-Board of Nursing Advisory on OR/DR/Cord Care Requirement

Lyle of Pinoy R.N. emailed me a copy of the advisory issued by the PRC-Board of Nursing on the OR/DR/Cord Care requirement in the filing of application for the Nurse Licensure Examination.

If my memory serves me right, a good friend who is enrolled in nursing school asked me if it's true that the number of required OR/DR/Cord Care cases has been reduced from five (5) to three (3) as announced by the college she attends. I remember telling her that until the PRC-Board of Nursing issues an advisory on the matter, it is best to take everything with a grain of salt.

Having read the document, I want to emphasize that the PRC-Board of Nursing Advisory basically tells us four things:
  • The PRC-BON has not announced any changes in the prevailing requirement of OR/DR/Cord Care cases.
  • Any new promulgations or changes in policy will NEVER be applied to graduating students.
  • In the event that a change in policy will be announced, those who will be affected will be graduates of 2011 and 2012.
  • Those who will be taking the 2009-2010 Nurse Licensure Examination will follow the prescribed five (5) cases each for the OR/DR/Cord Care requirement.
I hope this clarifies any confusion on the matter. Check out the copy of the PRC-Board of Nursing Advisory below.


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