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How to Cope with the Stress-Inducing Wait for the November 2009 Board Exam Results

It's a couple of hours past midnight and still, you can't sleep. You keep thinking of the November 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results while trying to evaluate how you answered the questions in the exam. You are not sure if you answered most of the questions correctly and predict failure when the results come out. No matter how you reason with yourself that you reviewed well for the exams, a part of you is convinced that you didn't do so well.

Let's face it. The long wait for the November 2009 Nurse Licensure Examination Results is stressing you out. You are going through alterations in sleep and eating patterns and don't enjoy doing your usual activities. You seem to be in a bad mood lately and can't seem to focus on tasks at hand.

Stress, when left unmanaged, affects an individual's overall functioning negatively. It often leads to unhealthy habits that saps your willingness to enjoy the things you normally enjoy doing. It causes you to neglect yourself and the people around you. And yet, the stress brought about by the long wait for the board exam results is relatively easy to manage. All it takes is your willingness to help yourself and trying out these simple ways to defuse stress:

  • Start your day right. Start your day right by being positive . As soon as you wake up, think of happy thoughts. Be thankful that you are healthy and are surrounded by supportive people. Think of past events that bring you a sense of peace. Do something calming like having breakfast outdoors if the weather permits it. Taking a short walk before breakfast will also help defuse stress.
  • Breathe deeply. A couple of times a day, take deep cleansing breaths. A couple of minutes devoted to deep breathing will help calm your nerves and reduce anxiety. Do simple stretches as you deep-breathe to improve circulation and reduce tension in your body.
  • Relax to soothing music. Choose gentle background music that are relaxing without being melancholic. Arian Lydon's Fireflies is a good example of relaxing music. You can also listen to uplifting music like Depapepe's Spur.
  • Watch a movie or read a book. Since you slaved for months while reviewing for the nursing board exams, now is the time to watch a movie or read a good book. Be extra careful though when choosing a movie or a book. The overall theme should be uplifting. Stay away from material that are potentially depressing.
  • Surround yourself with green or blue. Colors like green and blue are the most relaxing colors in the color wheel. So whenever you feel the tension build up, go somewhere where the colors blue and green are in abundance. Going to places like the beach or a nature's park during stressful times will help you relax and defuse stress.
  • Talk to a confidante. One way of defusing stress is by talking to a confidante. When the long wait for the November 2009 Nurse Licensure Examination Results make you want to rip your hair out, talk to your most trusted friend or family member. Talking to somebody you trust will help you vent out your frustrations and ultimately help reduce stress levels.

Remember that stress is your body's response to external stimuli so you may employ a combination of strategies to deal with it effectively. So the next time you feel the tension build up, approach stress with an open mind. Utilize the strategies listed above or use some of your own so that you can deal effectively with the stress of waiting for the November 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results.


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