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Sen. Cayetano Wants to Investigate Exploitative Practices of Philippine Hospitals

In his latest blog post, Lyle of Pinoy R.N. reports that Senator Pia Cayetano  filed a resolution seeking to investigate the exploitative practices of Philippine hospitals in hiring new nurses as trainees without remuneration. 

The senator, who  heads the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, also wants to find out if there is truth in the reports that nurse trainees are made to pay P5000 to P7000 before being accepted in a hospital's training program.  

In 2008, then PNA President Lea Paquiz slammed government and private hospitals for exploiting nurses by not hiring regular nurses and instead filling vacancies with unpaid trainees and volunteers and collecting training fees from them.  

In 2009, Laguna 4th District Representative Edgar San Luis filed a bill that seeks to prohibit Philippine hospitals from collecting fees from nurse volunteers or trainees. In his website, Rep. San Luis said that the practice of hiring nurses as volunteers and trainees without compensation and collecting fees from them is plain and simple exploitation.

I hope something favorable comes out of this resolution filed by Senator Pia Cayetano through the Senate Committee on Health and Demography because  Filipino nurses have been exploited by hospital administrators for years.  

I know hospital administrators will reason out they do allocate resources for the specialized training of new nurses that's why they have to collect training fees.  I wonder what those resources are.  It's not as if they have well-written specialized modules for the nurses to use throughout the training program or designed a well-constructed mentoring program for each of their trainees.  I even doubt if their trainees are provided with free meals.


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