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The December 2012 PRC Nursing Board Exam Result is already available here at Ward Class and at Pinoy R.N.

CHED Probibits Opening of New Nursing Schools

The Commission on Higher Education issued CHED CMO No. 32 prohibiting the opening of new nursing schools and likewise banning educational institutions from offering new graduate and undergraduate programs in nursing.

The moratorium on the opening of new undergraduate and graduate nursing programs shall take effect on SY 2011-2012 and shall include all public and private higher education institutions including those granted with autonomous status.  Educational institutions with existing nursing programs are not covered by the moratorium.

The Commission on Higher Education further states in CMO No. 32 that the moratorium on the opening of new nursing schools and nursing graduate and undergraduate programs is based on the excessive number of institutions offering the course and the gradual decline in the performance of nursing graduates in the Nurse Licensure Examination. This, according to CHED, indicates a worsening state of nursing programs in the Philippines.

Other programs covered by the moratorium includes:  Business Administration, Teacher Education, and Hotel and Restaurant Management

Below is the full text of CMO No. 32 courtesy of Pinoy R.N.

CHED Memorandum Order 32 Series of 2010 - www.PinoyRN.co.nr


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