Ward Class

An Online Resource Site For Student Nurses


Ward Class is an online resource for student nurses. Created with the aim of helping student nurses cope with the demands of nursing school and clinicals, it offers free downloads, notes, sample NCPs, sample drug studies, study aids, news and updates, and practical tips to its users.

Site Announcement

The December 2012 PRC Nursing Board Exam Result is already available here at Ward Class and at Pinoy R.N.

Got a Nursing-related Quesion? Ask Pinoy R.N.

Pinoy R.N. just launched Ask Pinoy R.N., a question-and-answer (Q&A) website that will serve as an information hub for nurses and student nurses.

As an extension of Pinoy R.N., Ask Pinoy R.N. was created to provide a venue for interaction among nurses and student nurses. It is also geared towards strengthening the Filipino nursing community by facilitating the transfer of nursing knowledge between and among members.

Ask Pinoy R.N. is a new way of acquiring and sharing information. It will be using a community-driven approach to sharing nursing-related information. Users can ask questions on any nursing-related topic and get answers from real nurses and student nurses.

When asked why he created a community-driven nursing website, Lyle of Pinoy R.N. has this to say:

Ask Pinoy R.N. is heavily anchored on bayanihan or the spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective. We Filipinos have this natural tendency to help others. As applied on this website, nurses help fellow nurses by offering information to those who seek it by posting questions here.

 Getting started at Ask Pinoy R.N. is no-sweat. You simply need a valid email address to register for free.  Once registered, you can start asking questions and reply to questions that you know the answer to.  How simple is that?

We hope you support Ask Pinoy R.N. by telling your friends, classmates, or even your clinical instructors about it. Tweet it, Facebook it, Plurk it, make smoke signals, send morse code messages... we don't care how you do it as long as you spread the word!


To know more about Ask Pinoy R.N., click on the link to read the  website's FAQ