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Get Your Headache to Hit the Road

Headaches are scary things. Considering your head is the home of your brain, it is not such a stretch to believe that people often worry when they get headaches. Well, they worry after the agonizing pain is gone. Ranking high on the list of most excruciating body pains – up there with a sore throat and kidney stones – headaches are not fun stuff at all. They can be downright debilitating, rendering the individual, immobile, unable to see and unable to function in any normal capacity. Moderate headaches are very common and their big brother, the migraine is not something you ever want to experience if you never have before.  

There are many causes for headaches, some are serious and others are mild and easily treatable. Some of the most common factors that contribute to the onset of a headache are – stress, long, uninterrupted work hours, allergens (food and otherwise), dehydration, oxygen deprivation and sleep deprivation just to name a few. Some headaches can be cured with small dosages of painkillers or natural supplements that can be found on websites like PureFormulas.com. Some don’t even require the help of painkillers and just require a change of breathing pattern and maybe a tall glass of water to rehydrate your body. Whatever the reason for your headache, if it persists beyond normal, natural remedies, please have a visit with your doctor as the headache may be an indication of something more serious.

Have a look at some of our easy headache squashing tips and tricks to give you some ease:

  1. Stretch it out: Bad posture causes tension headaches and general body aches, for that matter. If you sit at your work desk for hours on end or even if you have a more physical job, one that is singularly repetitive, you’re probably creating a lot of tension in your body. This may stay fixed in your muscles and limbs or, more commonly, it will radiate towards your noggin. A good, hearty stretch will release tense areas and increase blood flow and circulation – this will help alleviate the pain of a tension headache.  
  2. Ice it down: When you have a headache that’s particularly nasty, the pain may feel like it’s glowing out of your head, all over your face and down the back of your neck. This description is pretty accurate because with pain often comes heat which may make things even more uncomfortable. Grab a good old fashioned ice pack not just to bring your temperature down, but to soothe throbbing muscles and tissue. A few minutes with a cold compress will work wonders on clearing up the painful symptoms of a mild to moderate headache. Place it on the back of your neck or on your forehead, take deep breaths and let the chill work its magic!
  3. Shut your eyes: If possible, when you feel a headache coming on or you’re already in the throes, get some shut eye or at least, confine yourself to a cool, dark, light-free room. Headaches are pain that can radiate exclusively at the top and back of your head, but sometimes, especially with tension headaches, they happen behind the eyes. When you have a headache, you’ll probably experience some light sensitivity and it will be difficult to do work or to do simple things like read or watch tv.  


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