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Teen Crisis - The Drinking Epidemic

As adults, we are expected to maintain the highest standards of behavior not only for ourselves but for the children in and around our lives. In a social humanity sphere, how we behave can impact and influence the behavior of others and the children in our midst. When it comes to substance abuse, specifically alcohol and alcoholism, we have really given the kids the shortest straw from which to draw. We see it every day portrayed in fictional media and in documented accurate reports the growing number of youngsters involved in drinking - and not just involved but also full alcoholics as well. Would you believe that there are children who begin drinking as young as the age of twelve, rendering them seasoned alcoholics by the age of thirteen? This startling and upsetting statistic for teenage drinking is the driving force behind many teenage rehabilitation programs. It is sad that this is the state in which we are currently. 

There are many reasons and causes for teenage alcoholism and most if not all of them are preventable at both a domestic and external level. Another really terrible art about teenage alcoholism is that many of them do not survive beyond their teenage years. The teenage body is still young and very fragile and with the amount of alcohol that is being consumed, death rates for teens with alcoholism are very high. There are many things that we can do as parents and guardians when it comes to alcoholism but we have to be committed to a preventative movement where teenage alcoholism is concerned. While Valleyhope alcohol treatment centers are equipped to provide the necessary treatment of the disease, wouldn’t it be better if the disease didn't occur at all? 

While there are many documented and undocumented reasons for teenage alcoholism, the following is one of the most prominent. To understand the why behind teenage alcoholism is to understand the how of preventing it all together. Let's have a look:


Peer pressure as well as the combined glorification of alcohol consumption are key perpetrators in teens experimenting with drinking alcohol. There will always be a natural curiosity where adult behavior is concerned but this experimentation has some truly dire repercussions. We treat with drinking socially as a rite of passage and a means by which we can lubricate the wheels of social interaction. To a young person just learning about themselves, this sort of heavy suggestion is dangerous. What it is construed as often is that "I cannot function without the help of alcohol." All humans are susceptible to influence and innuendo, but for kids and teenagers, it is even more prominent a factor. They do not necessarily seek to use alcohol as a coping mechanism but sometimes it is just curiosity and a forced sense of "I'm supposed to like this because everyone around me does." The tragedy then lies that the child or teenager doesn't even realize that he or she has become addicted just through their experimentation phase and by then it is too late - but not too late to repair through treatment.


Source: hometestingblog.com 


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