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The December 2012 PRC Nursing Board Exam Result is already available here at Ward Class and at Pinoy R.N.

27,823 Out of 60,895 Pass July 2012 NLE

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the July 2012 Nursing Board Exam Results.

Out of the 60,895 examinees who took the nursing boards, only 27,823 successfully hurdled the said nurse licensure examination. The examinee who got the highest ratings in the July 2012 Nursing Board Examination is Roxanne Trinity Dotingco Lim of University of Sto. Tomas (86.20%) followed by Kristen Erika Hife Pino of Cebu Normal University (85.40%) and Carmela Celebrado Shimizu (85.40%).

The complete results of the July 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination is posted below and at Pinoy R.N. 

July 2012 Nursing Board Exam Topnotchers and School Ratings

Posted below is the list of top examinees and top performing schools in the July 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination.
July 2012 Nursing Board Exam Topnotchers - www.PinoyRN.co.nr

Getting Personal with Injuries

A personal injury can manifest itself in several different ways and produce several different outcomes. One of the most harrowing of all of them of course is when the injury is fatal and the victimized party dies. Even with the best medical care or the most timely response some personal injuries can result in death and so it is very important to understand what comprises a personal injury so that you know what to do after not only to recoup your health but also to recoup your finances.

Being injured in this country, with our without insurance, is a very scary thing.  If you're a single person with no next of kin or anyone to lend advice or support, it can be a very disorienting experience to undergo. If you're a part of a family or you have dependents, it is equally scary because your concern is often if you'll be able to contribute meaningfully to your life and their lives after.

There are several types of personal injury that you should be aware of.  Knowledge of them will help you prevent them from happening and act accordingly should they occur. When you are injured, especially at work, what happens before, during and after the injury are all very important not just to your recovery but also to the process of responsibility thereafter. There are many employers who take advantage of the fact that their workforce may either be ignorant of their options or may feel threatened or intimidated that their job security may waver, should they be injured at work. Some injuries also occur outside the workplace and can involve private citizens and these too require a delicate hand to ensure that the legal processes which are incumbent occur smoothly and accurately.

The Alcohol Among Us

When we think of the term alcohol treatment, many of us have images of pop stars binge drinking at night clubs or beloved cartoon characters just having one drink too many. For millions of Americans however, alcohol abuse is nothing to laugh about or to gaze at from afar because it impacts them in a very tangible way. Some of them have family members that are afflicted with alcoholism and others suffer with the disease personally - either way, alcohol is close to home. For those who live outside the grid of alcoholism, it is a hard concept to understand. 

The average human has a certain inherent sense of reason and willpower that operate in tandem with logic. They know that too much of anything isn't good and so moderation is key, but the mind of an alcoholic is impervious to this seemingly obvious reasoning. Alcoholics function on a different plane of existence whereby the person you think you know, basically doesn't exist any longer. When someone becomes addicted to alcohol, the body and mind go into a very dependant, very aggressive and a very myopic state where the only focus is the sourcing and consumption of the libation. Alcoholism stems from different places and some within the medical community even tout it as hereditary. Some people literally fall into the alcoholic state because drinking is a part of their job or domestic lifestyle - years of habit, be it social or cultural places an emphasis on alcohol as something of a social lubricant or a means by which things are celebrated. Even in this honest or seemingly mundane sphere, any dependency is not good.