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The Alcohol Among Us

When we think of the term alcohol treatment, many of us have images of pop stars binge drinking at night clubs or beloved cartoon characters just having one drink too many. For millions of Americans however, alcohol abuse is nothing to laugh about or to gaze at from afar because it impacts them in a very tangible way. Some of them have family members that are afflicted with alcoholism and others suffer with the disease personally - either way, alcohol is close to home. For those who live outside the grid of alcoholism, it is a hard concept to understand. 

The average human has a certain inherent sense of reason and willpower that operate in tandem with logic. They know that too much of anything isn't good and so moderation is key, but the mind of an alcoholic is impervious to this seemingly obvious reasoning. Alcoholics function on a different plane of existence whereby the person you think you know, basically doesn't exist any longer. When someone becomes addicted to alcohol, the body and mind go into a very dependant, very aggressive and a very myopic state where the only focus is the sourcing and consumption of the libation. Alcoholism stems from different places and some within the medical community even tout it as hereditary. Some people literally fall into the alcoholic state because drinking is a part of their job or domestic lifestyle - years of habit, be it social or cultural places an emphasis on alcohol as something of a social lubricant or a means by which things are celebrated. Even in this honest or seemingly mundane sphere, any dependency is not good. 
Further evaluation of alcoholism as a disease and the roots that spawn it have found that just like any other drug or psychological buttress, alcohol has effects on the mind and body that people who are struggling to deal with emotional issues find very alluring. Alcoholics find comfort in the drink because it offers them an escape from sometimes very unfavorable realities. These explanations that we offer you are in no way meant to excuse the behaviors of the alcoholics that you know or encounter, but to help give you a better understanding of how the alcoholic mind works. Trying to reason with someone who is so deeply addicted to any substance is a moot exercise, unless you are professionally trained to wane them off both the physical and the emotional dependency. 

The alcoholic's body is another issue that should be carefully investigated and understood. For someone who drinks habitually, the body actually becomes dependent on the alcohol to carry out regular, day to day activities. When the alcohol is removed or denied to the system, the results can be near fatal. This is one of the saddest addictions to behold because the person is usually not lucid enough to realize just how much harm they are doing to themselves or to others. Working closely with professional at rehabilitation centers may be your best; if not your only bet to making things take a turn for the better. 


Source: guardian.co.uk


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